Il Faé Local Countryside

The Land of Faé: Food, Wine & Art

Guests at Il Faé can experience the authentic atmosphere of the Treviso province, where the colours, the tastes and the culture of olden days are still alive today.

Local salami's - produce of ItalyTo help appreciate of these traditions, we organise visits and tasting sessions at regional wineries, distilleries, salami and ham factories and dairies.

You will see a mix of modern technology matching ancient practices to obtain high quality products such as the renowned Treviso chicory, wines, grappa, white asparagus, fresh and ripe cheeses… a truly Trevisano experience!

At the many local restaurants, bars and hostelries of the area, you can sample the traditional local dishes. Freshly harvested, seasonal ingredients, consisting of the fruits that each season yields, accompanied by generous helpings of the local wines to delight your taste buds, such as Prosecco, Cabernet Sauvignon, Verdiso and Marzemino.

Prosecco wine - glasses of sparkling wine

After indulging yourself in such delights you can help prepare a local meal, following the instructions of our expert Faé chefs.

The Il Faé staff will meet your requests and customise the programme of activities to maximise your enjoyment.